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2nd Spine Chakra Oil

This chakra is located on the spine in the lower abdomen.

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This chakra is located on the spine in the lower abdomen, between the naval and the base of the spine.  It is associated with sexuality, creativity, emotions, desire, and the ability to sense things on a psychic level. Physically, it is linked to the reproductive system and the gonads (endocrine gland).  If this chakra is weak, you may feel unresponsive sexually and emotionally, anti-social, unoriginal, repressed.  Overactive can make one feel lustful, selfish, arrogant, and overburdened by too many vibes & impressions received from others.

1/2 oz. bottle

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I bought the entire chakra set and I am not disappointed one bit. The scent is beautiful and everything is always well packaged

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