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Mermaid Wisdom Conjure Oil

A gentle, calming oil to quiet the mind and bring one to the present moment.

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Mermaids, the magickal creatures of the sea, have been known to have a mystical power in their songs that can enchant all who hear it. Mermaids can be both friends and foes of humankind. When they are your friend they can be fierce and powerful protectoresses. This oil can be used to anoint the watchtower of the west in a Wiccan ritual to conjure the mermaids to guard and guide your circle.

Mermaids can also be there to comfort you when you are frazzled or under stress, they are drawn in by softly played acoustical music. Anoint a white candle.

"Mermaid Moon" Artist is Molly Harrison

1/2 oz. bottle

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