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Jumbo Candles  

Each candle comes cello wrapped. Dripless burn. 9" long x 1 1/2" diameter.

There are three types of Jumbo candles: 1.) One color 2.) Two-color Double Action Candles and 3.) Three-color Triple Action candles.

•One Color ~ These candles be used for any work. Just follow the basic color symbolism rules and you are good to go.

•Double Action ~ This candle is two colors - half black and half another color. The concept behind them is to drive away evil and draw back positive things. For instance, a half-black and half-green candle drives away people who are jinxing your money luck and draws your money back.

•Triple Action ~ Used to draw three things to your. For instance a Red, White and Green Jumbo candles draws Love, Blessings and Luck.

One color candles are dealt with in the same fashion as an offertory candle.

However each section of a two-color or three-color jumbo needs to be treated like a separate candle. That means dressing, naming and blessing each section for its intention.

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