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Elementals are the little creatures which animate the four elements. You cannot ordinarily see, hear, feel, taste, or touch them, but this doesn't mean they don't exist; after all, X-rays exist, even though you cannot sense them. You may, however, get to know the elementals through the use of your extraordinary senses.

The four types of elementals are Salamanders (fire), Sylphs (air), Undines (water), and gnomes (earth).

Elementals are experts in their own realms. The Salamander knows everything there is to now about the fire element, both physical and psychological; Sylphs are experts on the subject of air; Undines are experts regarding water; Gnomes specialize in earthy subjects. Elementals are one-element creatures, and as long as they remain imprisoned, so to speak, in their own element they are incapable of learning anything about those elements to which they don't naturally belong.

Elementals aren't entirely happy with this situation. They'd like to progress and evolve, but the only way they can do so is through vicarious association with multi-element creatures, such as human beings. For this reason, elementals seek human companionship. In return for a favored human's "tutelage", they are very willing to give service. The magician who is able to attract a helpful Undine can look forward to expert assistance in matters relating to love, friendship, healing, and the psychic arts. Gnomes will help with career and financial matters, Sylphs with intellectual pursuits, and Salamanders with creative and spiritual issues.

Elemental assistance is much to be desired because it makes pursuit of a goal easier. Called upon for help, an elemental gladly goes to work on his companion's project. You still need to do affirmations, incantations, visualizations, and all of the other work covered to this point--you can never expect anyone or anything to do all of your work for you--But your path to the goal will be greased, so to speak, and you'll see speedier results than if you had no elemental help at all. Magicians who are able to attract elemental companions have a great advantage over those who are not.

Illustration By Nahima

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