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Lagniappe Loot  


  Lagniappe Loot are sample packages of incense and oils that we offer, so you may try several scents at one time without breaking the bank. We will offer our 7 best selling scents in each category of incense and oil. Incense packages will contain 5 incense sticks, and the oils will come in 1/32 oz vials of 7. Similar to sample vial you would get a cosmetic counter for a fragrance. These will give you the opportunity to enjoy the exciting, enchanting, magickal and decadent fragrances we offer at Bayou Witch.

 *In Addition, to what we normally offer - Each month we will provide a selection of oils and incense dedicated to that Month.

  Some of the Loot, may become collectable, as I will be clearing out fragrances every 3-6 months to add new fragrances that people have either asked for, or that I have developed.

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