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Black Household Candle

Great for use with your candle spells and magick

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Height 6"
Width 5/8"
Color Black

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Each 6” candle is 5/8" inch in diameter, and burns for about four hours. Excellent all-purpose spell candle.

The Magickal Correspondences of BLACK!

Male. The color of absorption, quiet power, self-control, restriction, depression sickness, but new changes, rebirth. Wisdom, The void of all colors, it has the ability to absorb. Control, Resilience, Discipline. Has the aspects of all elements.


The Personality of a BLACK PERSON is that of someone who can and often dwells his own dark recesses. This person loves to stand out almost as much as the RED! A strong silent type but a force to be reckoned with if crossed. Usually also a "night owl" as the darkness seems to be their safe place. However, the same things that make the "black" person so unique, has also the tendency to dwell on things and has more bouts of depression than most others. Although jovial on the outside, this person tends to keep alot of secrets, even with her/himself!


Used widely for banishing negative thoughts and situations, reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, releasing, removing confusion contact with spirits, truth,repel dark magick defensive spells (can be used with RED). Can also be used with other colors when drawing and banishing at the same time. In the Auras, could indicate a sickness, disease or depression




PLANET = Saturn

DAY = Saturday


MAGICKAL TOOL = Sword or Wand

SCENT/OIL = Holly, Juniper, Yew, Myrrh, Cypress, Pine, Apple, Yarrrow, Rowan, Vervain, Peppermint, Basil.

PLANT/HERB = Oak, Yew, Beech, Elm, Comfrey, Holly, Ivy, Horsetail, Reeds, Solomon's Seal, Mullein, Cedar, Clove, Cypress, Rue, Betony, Elder, Fern, Yarrow, Cayenne, Dragons Blood, Mandrake, Flax.

WOOD = Oak, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Hazel, Rowan

ANIMAL = Bobcat, Dragon, Panther, Raccoon, Rhinoceros, Groundhog, Blackbird, Lynx, Bat, Owl, Jaguar, Praying Mantis.

FEATHER = Hidden secrets, changes.

STONES = Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Black Quartz, Black Star Sapphire, Agate, Tektite, Pyrite, Diamond, Moonstone, Galena, Pumice.

TAROT = the four Queens and the four Threes.

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Black candles

Just as described. Perfect actually.

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