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Green Household Candle

Green candles are great for invoking the verdant fertility of the Earth, money drawing, change, growth and fertility

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Color Green

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Each 6” candle is 5/8" inch in diameter, and burns for about four hours. Excellent all-purpose spell candle.

The Magickal Correspondences of GREEN

Male or Female. The color of Nature Kingdom! Growth and prosperity, money luck, building a foundation, fertility, wisdom, harmony, growth, attitude changes, rejuvenation, teachings, success! Resurrection and abundance. Sometimes love and jealousy.


The Personality of a GREEN PERSON is that very much of an extrovert, happy, optimistic reliable, civic-minded. Quite the status- conscious person. Status means everything to them. Forget about keeping up with the Jones's they ARE the Jones'. Very blunt and frank. Open minded when it appeals to them. Loves art in its natural form: pottery, woodcrafts. Has also a like of antiques and anything animal. Loves cabins in the woods if only to say they have one. Tends to get possessive at times and has to remind him/herself there are other people in this world that have feelings too. Overall tho' the joy from this persons optimistic attitude takes the edges off the other things. This person is so direct that he/she doesn't realize it hurts as bad as it does and well, that's the way life is sometimes anyway. Besides, something will happen to make ya' feel better anyway.!

Used widely for money attraction and luck fertility wishes, children, faerie realm, promote ability of understanding and aid in meeting your guides and power animals. Can aid in preventing headaches, controlling digestion problems, kidney and bladder problems.


Closely associated with Red, Pink and Browns The Earth, Air and Fire energies can all be enhanced by this color. Can aid in healing, grounding, drawing love, prosperity and luck!




CHAKRA= Fourth, Heart Chakra (with Pink)

PLANET = Venus, Jupiter and Mars

DAY = Friday/Venus - love, friendship Wednesday/Mercury - business transactions Thursday/Jupiter - Luck, prosperity


MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand and Cauldron

SCENT/OIL = Elder, Mint, Musk, Sage Vanilla, Pine, Sweet pea, Mugwort, Patchouli, Vervain, Cinnamon, Marjoram.

PLANT/HERB = Birch, Catnip, Blackberry Coltsfoot, Foxglove, Thyme, Yarrow, Feverfew, Burdock, Pennyroyal, Plantain, Briar, Verbena, Elder, Basil, Cedarwood, Sage, Dill, Clove and Mugwort.

WOOD = Birch, Elder, Almond, Hawthorn, Fig, Oak, Pine, Orange.

ANIMAL = Gnomes, Dwarfs, Fishes, Bee, Bull, Rabbit, Rat, Alligator, Turtle Grasshopper, Bison, Frog.

FEATHER = luck, money and foundations.

STONES = Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Malachite Coral, Green Tourmaline, Aventurine, Green Quartz, Gold, Silver, Rock Crystal Onyx, Azurite.

TAROT = The Emperor and the four Sevens again. Sometimes the Aces!

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