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Orange Household Candle

Orange taper candles are often representative of fire, or the Sun

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Height 6"
Width 5/8"
Color Orange

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Each 6” candle is 5/8" inch in diameter, and burns for about four hours. Excellent all-purpose spell candle.

The Magickal Correspondences of ORANGE!

Male. The color of mental agility, balancing business, legal problems, eloquence and speech, health, ambition, personal creativity, memory and sharing. A mutable color, it combines the intellect of Yellow and the vitality of Red. Exuberant and inventive! Many neutralizing aspects can be attributed.


The Personality of the ORANGE PERSON is that of a very agreeable chap! Extroverted. Combines the many qualities of Red and Yellow It is the fire of passion and the Air of intellect, a mutable, adaptable person. At times can appear to be a bit "wishy washy". An excitable, social, and really quite good-natured soul. Love of travel and learning, and needs a bit of curbing on the old spending habits! A bit impulsive only at times as the yellow aspect brings in the logic. Likes to delve deep but soon finds another subject to dissect. Methodical and orderly. Would make a very good teacher.


Its Magickal aspects are used widely for controlling runaway emotions, promoting personal creativity, increasing memory, career, legal issues, healing nervous disorders, balance and neutrality, organization, travel, writing, business transactions and obtaining breaking of spells or to bring about a quick change.



DIRECTION = East/South

CHAKRA= Second, Spleen Chakra

PLANET = Mercury/Mars

DAY = Tuesday-Physical Action Wednesday - Mental Action Sunday - Both Actions


MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand and Censer

SCENT/OIL = Dill, Lily of the Valley, Savory, Honeysuckle, Sweet pea, Jasmine, Lavender.

PLANT/HERB = Fern, Lily of the Valley, Marjoram Savory, Valerian, Vervain, Alstonia, Buckwheat, Calamint, Snapdragon, Flax, Senna, Wandering Jew, Mugwort, Rue, the same as the Red and Yellow for enhancements, Fenugreek, Gardenia.

WOOD = Hazel, Beech, Lemon Tree
Maple, Lime and of course the Orange Tree.

ANIMAL = All of the RED & YELLOW animals Swallow, Prairie Dog, Butterfly, Scallop, Bison, Butterfly, Catbird, Crane, Fox (clarity), Hawk, Martin, Prairie Dog and Squirrel.

FEATHER = Success, energy, balance STONES = Moss Agate, Carnelian, Alexandrite, Orange Sapphire, Quartz, Orange Calcite, Petrified Wood .

TAROT = the four Eights.

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