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Yellow Household Candle

Yellow taper candles are used within candle magic & similar ritual practice as uplifting & energetic additions to spells

Yellow taper candles are often used within candle magic and similar ritual practice as uplifting and energetic additions to spells, and the clarity they provide is great for divination. 6" x 5/8" - See more at:

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Color Yellow

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Each 6” candle is 5/8" inch in diameter, and burns for about four hours. Excellent all-purpose spell candle!

The Magickal Correspondences of YELLOW!

Male. The color of intellect, analysis and mental clarity, optimism, movement, sunlight, spiritual progress and sometimes, faith and constancy. Confidence, power of thought, logic, memory and creativity. Thought and reason.


The Personality of a YELLOW PERSON is that of a sweet optimistic intellectual. This person loves to learn and comprehends it too! Bit of an introvert. Wants to know the "how" on just about everything, such as how does an Air Balloon work anyway? Devoted and trustworthy this person can keep a secret however you may get a lecture for the price. An extremely creative person (probably all those books they have read!) that has the ability to keep their staid intellectual side and the fun sunny outlook in two different corners. Loves the big outdoors and probably will make their own soap and candles just to give away!


Used widely for increasing knowledge and understanding, harmonizing of will/emotions, movement, aid in astral projection, telepathy, and direct contact with spirits, easy exchange of thoughts. Protection. Sometimes used with Brown and the Earth energies and enhancing the Gold and healing energies.

Wish to gain anothers confidence, power of concentration, power of creativity, learning metal alertness.




CHAKRA= Third, Solar Plexus Chakra


DAY = Sunday- Mental Action Wednesday - Physical Action


MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand, Sword/Athame, Goblet

SCENT/OIL = Lemon, Frankincense, Bay, Patchouli, Marigold, Lavender, Laurel, Cinnamon Orange Blossoms, Musk, Vanilla, Cloves.

PLANT/HERB = Laurel, Vine, Ash, Rue Marigold, St. Johns Wort, Centaury, Chamomile, Mistletoe, Saffron, Begonia, Geranium, Morning Glory, Snapdragon, Daffodil, Rosemary, Sunflower and Daisy.

WOOD ANIMAL = Phoenix, Snake, Beetle, Dragonfly, Meadowlark, Chameleon, Antelope, Snake, Crow, Bobcat, Goat, Lion, Mouse, Gull, Sea Lion, Parrot and Oriole.

FEATHER = Blessings of the Sun, Intelligence.

STONES = Topaz, Yellow Diamond, Pyrite Yellow Jacinth, Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chrysolite, Goldstone, Citrine some Tiger Eye, Carnelian and Amber.

TAROT = the four Knights and the four Sixes.

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