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Angelica Stick Incense

  A peace incense, it said to attract friends and popularity, our Angelica Incense sticks are great for filling a room with their delightful floral aroma.

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  A peace incense, it said to attract friends and popularity.

  Angelica incense sticks diffuse a serene fragrance inspired by the herb's aromatic essence. Infused with the herb's sweet, earthy, and herbal notes, these sticks release a calming and uplifting aroma when lit. The scent carries a delicate yet invigorating quality, ideal for meditation or spiritual practices, fostering clarity and tranquility. Often used to purify spaces and promote positive energy, angelica incense sticks offer a sense of balance and renewal. Their soothing fragrance evokes a connection to nature, inviting a serene ambiance into surroundings. These sticks provide a subtle yet refreshing olfactory journey, imbuing spaces with a gentle, herbaceous allure for moments of reflection and relaxation.

 *A light and airy blend of aquatic notes, delicate citruses balanced with soft rose, soft sandalwood and musk.

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