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Cypress Stick Incense

  Cypress brings calm and tranquility in many stubborn cases, particularly when used by parents on wayward children. These incense sticks exude a fresh and woody fragrance inspired by the cypress tree. When ignited, these sticks emit a crisp, resinous aroma with hints of pine and earthiness. 

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  Cypress is perfect for times of crisis to ease the mind and allay overwhelming grief. Cypress is a symbol of resurrection and reincarnation. It was named after Apollo’s gay lover Cyparissus who was turned into the cypress tree to relieve his unending grief.

  The comforting aspects of cypress brings an inner strength and uplifts the spirit. Cypress’ helps one cope with changes that occur after deep transformational experiences and allows the spirit to release toxic emotions. Cypress reminds us that we are only passing through this world and to accept our individual experiences and grow from them.

  Cypress incense sticks are revered in aromatherapy for their calming and grounding effects. The fragrant aroma of cypress is known to alleviate stress, easing nervous tension, and promoting relaxation. Inhaling the scent during meditation or quiet moments can offer mental clarity and emotional balance. Its therapeutic properties help in deepening breathing patterns, fostering a sense of tranquility. Cypress incense aids in creating a serene ambiance, encouraging a peaceful state of mind and promoting a revitalizing experience for both body and spirit.

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