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Freesia Stick Incense

Possessing a rich, calming fragrance, our Freesia Incense sticks are great for filling a room with their delightful aroma.

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Let the scent of freesia mix with your own energies, and allow a transformation to occur in you that will have you be a person who is willing to become involved in a satisfying relationship. 

This wonderful energy transforms doubts about the possibility of love into positive, life attracting energies. 

If tense, burn the incense and allow the knots in your body and the frazzle in your mental state to unwind.

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The real deal.

I have ordered a lot of Freesia incense from a few other sellers but I have to admit that this Freesia, I got from you, is the best smelling that I have ever found. It smells absolutely wonderful. A lot of other sellers say that their sticks are hand dipped in oil. But this is the first incense I've seen that when I light it, the oil in the stick actually beads up around the flame. You guys are the real deal and can't wait to get more. BTY, I found you on a Google search for "Freesia Incense". Glad I did, I wanted to see what else was out there besides the sellers on EBay.

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