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Apollo Stick Incense

Greek god of the Light, also called The Apple Tree God.

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Apollo is the god of music, poetry, healing, diseases and plague, oracles, prophecy and archery in Greek mythology, also called The Apple Tree God. Brings talents to fruition, giving the full harvest of what you deserve. A great god of healing bringing vitality to those who seek it. Apollo was one of the most feared and respected gods in Greek mythology. Apollo was known to apply religious law; he let mortals know about their sins, judged them and tried to purge off their sins. He was a strict god who kept his distance with both other gods and mortals.

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Absolutely Amazing!!

I simply adore this product. When I burn this God's incense it is usually on Sunday, which is the day of Apollo. I feel extremely calm. During the evening I have noticed I can dream recall everything in detail as well. How exciting! I would highly recommend this to be added to anyone's collection. A must have! (: Thank you Celeste! LOVE YA GIRL.

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