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Herne Stick Incense

Brings justice and strength in the most difficult legal situations.

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Brings Justice and strength in the most difficult legal situations. Herne is depicted wearing the antlers of a great stag. Herne's antlers connect him to the deer, which was given a position of great honor -- after all, killing a single stag could mean the difference between survival and starvation, so this was a powerful thing indeed. Herne was considered a divine hunter, and was seen on his wild hunts carrying a great horn and a wooden bow, riding a mighty black horse and accompanied by a pack of baying hounds. Mortals who get in the way of the Wild Hunt are swept up in it, and often taken away by Herne, destined to ride with him for eternity.

Must be used with Charcoal, NOT Self-Igniting.

Comes in 3" tall glass bottle with cork.

Artwork by Hunter Brown

Each stick burns for about an hour.

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