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Fallen Stick Incense

Need Healing?? This oil for those who feel as if love and life has left them behind. Feel lost, who seem to have "fallen". You need not feel alone any more.....

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Fallen is for a person who has been jaded by life but has not let it destroy their inner beauty or their compassion. They still believe in mankind and will go above and beyond for friends and family. However, romantic love still eludes them as they have created walls in their heart that are difficult to breach. This oil will bring the feelings of healing,  love and laughter back into your heart, it is a true blessing.

Top - Violet and White sandalwood

Middle - Narcissus, Gardenia and Jasmine

Base - Amber and Musk

1/2 oz. bottle

Artwork by Jessica Galbreth

Each stick burns for about an hour.

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