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Fertility Stick Incense

Help ensure Success and Victory in all your endeavors.

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  Plant seeds in your fertile spirit and give birth to your wishes.
  The most fertile ground to plant the seeds of your heart has been cleared of the weeds and stones of emotional and spiritual upset. These emotional stressors can block your fertility and create a negative pattern of want. Calm your fears, increase your confidence, open your heart, become fully present in your life and experience the rewards of your abundant faith.

  Use for any area of your life where fertility is needed, in the womb, in the mind, in the pocket book.

  For personal fertility use begin burning on the new moon and burn a a little every day during the waxing moon, making sure to finish burning it by the full moon.

  "I till the ground of my spirit and remove the stones and weeds of my fears and stress. I plant the seeds of my heart and allow my desires to take root. I water the new buds with my tears of joy and watch as my wishes are born to me. Harming none & helping all is how it shall be, this I make true 3x3x3." - Jackie Smith - Coventry Creations

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