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Lavender Breeze Stick Incense

With a sweet, floral fragrance our Honeysuckle Incense lightens the environment of any home in which it used.

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Use in love spells and sachets, lavender attracts love. Lavender is the protector of love, it invites in warm feelings, kindness, nurturing, care taking, self love and protects against cruelty , abuse infidelity and sorrow.

The inner confidence of self love that lavender evokes helps the home maintain peacefulness, making all sorrow depart so that joy may fully manifest.

The love powers of lavender are equal to the healing powers. Lavender will induce restful healing sleep tot those who are troubled. it also helps cleanse the spirit of the evil eye and calms stormy uncontrolled emotions that can cause dis-ease.

A soothing cool fragrance, with coriander nuances in the top through the middle, settling into a relaxing, full - bodied lavender fragrance.

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