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Balkis Oil

A beautiful, fragrant scent from the Middle East. The longevity is amazing - I duplicated it over a 3 week period. The tuberose I used gave it the final erotic touch it needed. This fragrance will take you to the moon and back. Strong, yet very gentle.......unisex.

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Had to give this one a few wearings to get to know it. At first it just felt 'loud', and I couldn't discern any particular notes, but it softened down after the first hour. Then, on the second day of wearing, the sun came out! (Not literally - it poured down all day). It was still fairly loud, and all the florals were jostling for position, but they gradually organized themselves. The tuberose was there, prickling the hairs in my nose, that's how it always affects me, and I also amp tuberose, so I may be getting way more than there is. About 45 minutes in, it starts to morph into the softest, most beautiful powdery heaven imaginable! I am amazed that it can change character so completely.
I am in love with it, my husband loved it, and I even put a quick swipe of oil on both wrists about 30 minutes before bed - I love to have a gentle waft of perfume to lull me off to sleep, and this works like a dream. I can still smell it faintly on my wrists this morning at 11 am, so it's lasted 13 hours up till now.


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