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Fiery Wall of Protection Conjure Oil

Helps build a wall of protection around you at all times. Use in Bath and use in mop water. Sprinkle around the side of the home for complete protection

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This product comes from an old Hoodoo conjure oil recipe. Its primary use is building protective barriers. Thus, it is an excellent solution in situations of fear or intimidation. Besides being a great weapon for waging war on undesirable adverse energies, it has great prevention properties. Fiery Wall is also widely regarded as an effective formula to uncross malevolent or detrimental spells and hexes. This unique oil provides an impenetrable layer of protection while driving bad energies and crossed influences away. It is suitable for use at the office, home, or even while traveling.

Of course, all the standard alternative uses for Hoodoo conjure oil are also equally applicable to Fiery Wall of Protection. You might, for instance, decide to rub a little into your skin; wash down your doors or windows with it, or pour a few drops of Fiery Wall into your bath water. You may even dab a drop or two onto any object or possession of special importance or value to you.

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