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Fire of Inspiration Conjure Oil

Crafted for writers, artists, musicians and all other creative types! Used to anoint the tools of your art as well as yourself to keep the juices flowing.

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Are you in need of a mystic Muse? Someone to inspire you when you feel your creativity being blocked? Have you lost your optimism for a  project because too many foes are trying to undermine you? This oil may be the answer to your troubles. This oil can be used to boost the morale of a single person or group. It will give back confidence and improve one's outlook. Wear it as a perfume when you're tackling a project that seems overwhelming. Have a case of the blahs? Add a few drops to your bathwater along with two cups of baking soda. When you come out of the tub, you'll feel inspired and ready to take on the world.

1/2 oz. bottle

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Definitely a must have for anyone in the arts or suffering from writer's block

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