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Gnomes Conjure Oil

Utilizes the energy of Earth Elementals to draw wealth, riches and treasure to you. Also used for invoking the Spirits of North.

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Gnomes are earth elementals of the watchtowers of the north. You can use Gnomes oil for your north watchtower candle. It will invoke their presence to guard your circle. Gnomes are fierce warriors. If you like playing with them and do not mind that they can cause a little chaos now and then in your home, they can be very handy to have around. They know the green land of the north element (the earthly plane) well. They hide among the trees and are never seen. Swift as lightning, they are in and out, defending their territory without fail. This blend can be used on candles to invite the gnomes and tell them that, if they stay, this is a friendly house. One of the ways I was taught to invite friendly gnomes to dwell with you is to leave them a dish or small cup of milk. I do this every Full Moon. Use the oil with gold, green and brown candles.

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I love Gnomes!

I invite These little guys into my house, they are so fun and helpful! I call On their energy when using brown, green, or white candles and when I invoke the energy and gatekeepers of the North (Earth).

They are fun and give good vibes. This oil smells amazing. If you are nice to them and make them feel welcomed then they are loyal and protect you too. So cute!

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