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Guardian Angel Conjure Oil

Attune with your Holy Guardian Angel. Perfect for use in conjunction with prayer and contemplation.

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Guardian angels are often associated with Elegua, since they both watch over your path and your destiny. In the tradition of Santeria, Elegua is a god much like Mercury, the god of communication. The belief is that every person born has their own personal God ruling over his or her communications, the paths they walk in life, and the doors or roads that are open and closed to them. In the Christian religion, this role is played by the guardian angel.

You can anoint yourself with this oil during times of prayer, during meditation for guidance, and in times of stress when you need something to calm you. Add to a hot, relaxing bath and meditate on a question that you need an answer to. Anoint this oil on white, blue, pink and yellow candles.

Artist is Jessica Galbreth

1/2 oz. bottle

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