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  • Narcissist Oil

    Narcissist Oil

    Narcissist Oil is a seductive blend of warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and...

  • Business Success Oil

    Business Success Oil

    Business Success oil is a versatile tool used to attract more customers...

  • Barbeque Oil

    Barbeque Oil

    Do you miss the wonderful smell of delicious mouth watering scent of...

  • Chakra Wand

    Chakra Wand

    The Medium Chakra Wand is beautifully handcrafted in Brazil. This tool...

  • Pound Cake Oil

    Pound Cake Oil

      Our Pound Cake oil is a delightful fusion of warm cake, almond, lemon,...



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Handfasting Conjure Oil

Sanctify the holy union of two hearts that wish to become one.

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A handfasting is a particularly special time in your life. As you stand before the Gods exchanging vows of love and support to each other, a mystical bond for all eternity is forged. Your wrists are bound together in union, and that is recorded in the Akashic Records.

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