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Spirit Cleanse Conjure Oil

Spirit Cleanse is a uplifting oil blend designed to cleanse your mind of clutter, confusion and negativity.

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Spirit Cleanse delicately balances the flow between the yin and yang energies received from the moon, stars, and sun. Once the balance and harmonization of yin and yang energy within a person has been completed, the fragrance acts as a conduit for the opening of intuitive perception and the acceptance of the hidden faculties of the mind. Although it at all times remains firmly attached to the earth plane, it intercepts and assists in the delivery of messages and prophecies from other planes of existence. The opening is one of opening the mind, and clearing the head with the peppermint, clary sage, lemongrass and cedar. You feel refreshed and cleansed, just by sniffing it from the bottle - the the true magic happens when you burn a stick of incense for meditation or place the oil in a diffuser, or even wear it as a daily perfume to help remain positive and balanced.

Top - Peppermint and Clary Sage

Middle - Lemongrass and Cedar wood

Base - Cedar and Cypress

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Wonderful oil!

I love this oil! It's truly magical!!

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Unexpectedly Amazing!

I used this in combination with a healing oil on a healing candle. I feel like a changed person. I can't fully describe what exactly has happened, but it's like the negativity, pessimism, and darkness I'd been carrying most of my life fell away and my true self came shining through. I truly FEEL cleansed. It is everything as advertised and more!

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Serene scent and works wonderfully!

I've used many aura cleansers but this blows them all away. The moment I put this oil on my burner purified the whole room! Doesn't just cleanse your aura quickly and thats it, you feel it detach cords and attachments you've picked up without even realizing it.

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Simply amazing!!

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I have used this many times and it always helps in calming my mind and spirit

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