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Aine Oil

Aine is one of the Great Goddesses of Ireland.

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Aine is one of the Great Goddesses of Ireland. She is a Moon goddess, a Love goddess who encourages human love, and the Fairy Queen of Munster. Aine (pronounced 'aw-ne') rules agriculture, fertility, crops, and animals.

Invoke Aine for love spells, fertility, faery magick, abundance, prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magickal vows, revealing faeries, bearing magickal children, and leaving unsuitable mates. The Sun and Moon are her planets, South West is her direction, and Air is her element. The red mare, rabbit, and swam are her sacred animals. Midsummer Eve (Summer solstice) is Aine's main feast day, when she is traditionally worshiped with torchlit processions through the fields at night. The first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Lughnassad (August 1) are also her sacred days. Some say that she claims a life at that time.

Artwork by Jessica Galbreth

1/2 oz. bottle

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