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Chango Macho Oil

  This oil is for invoking the power of the most famous womanizers of the realms of the high gods.

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  This oil is for invoking the power of the most famous womanizers of the realms of the high gods. Much like Zeus, Chango cannot get enough female attention! If you are a player and you live your life on the edge with the ladies, then this is certainly one cool God to invoke for assistance with your romantic endeavors. Remember to approach him with respect when you want him to teach you his charms. To invoke his aid and learn his secrets, rub this oil onto a red male figure candle, on which you have inscribed both your name and the name of Chango. While you do this, silently send him the message of how you wish to refine this art, which he is the master of. He will send you earthly teachers, and you will soon start meeting people you will learn from. He will also teach you that his ways come with the responsibility of being honest about who you are and of always being a gentlemen. You will not only be rewarded for your honesty by attracting more women, but you will be admired for how you treat them. Even if you are not committing to any one woman yet, there will be no hard feelings, since they will all know the score before they walked in the door. It is most effective to wear this oil in conjunction with your cologne to attract a lover.

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This Chango oil recently came into the mail. It smells really good. I think I can smell a hint of cinnamon in it. I don't know what else was put in it but I felt an overwhelming sense of energy pulsating from this thing as soon as I opened it and dressed my candle with it and I didn't even light the candle up yet. I had to take a step back and collect myself. I am highly confident my wishes will be fulfilled!

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