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Circe Oil

Circe is probably a pre Olympian sorceress goddess.

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Circe is probably a pre Olympian sorceress goddess. She is best known from The Odyssey by the brilliant Greek poet, Homer. Circe turned Odysseus’ shipmates into pigs when they visited her island. When Odysseus convinced her to return them to their human forms, she did comply, but they were younger than they had been before. The Trojan hero Aeneas also once sailed past her island, where she wove on her loom. She had lions, bears, boar, and wolves, who once had been men until she used her magic herbs to turn them into beasts.

Helps the wearer to control others, mostly in getting & keeping their attention; used to fascinate your mark, or to cause someone to become enthralled with you.

Artwork by Jessica Galbreth

1/2 oz. bottle

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