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Absinthe Oil (do not ingest)

  Anise, sugar, juniper, spices and citruses leading to a unique version of this legendary underground favorite. Used for protection and also for love.

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Our Absinthe Oil encapsulates the mysterious allure of the legendary absinthe with a distinctive blend of aromatic notes. The sweet and licorice-like scent of anise melds seamlessly with the gentle sweetness of sugar, creating a tantalizing base. This is elevated by the sharp, piney fragrance of juniper, evoking a sense of clarity and freshness. Warm spices add depth and complexity, while bright, zesty citruses infuse a lively, invigorating top note. Together, these elements craft a unique olfactory experience, transforming the essence of this underground favorite into a captivating and enchanting aromatic journey.

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Smell Delicious

I love this oil. It has a sweet scent that is not overpowering. Fast delivery!

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