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Erotika Oil

This formula was created by myself and my husband to set the mood for a perfect night. We are offering this batch as a Limited Edition, to bring about erotic fantasies and assist them in coming true. This is an offering from both of us to all of you. So that you may share the incredible Soul-Love that he and I have. This is a Limited Edition - grab one (or two) quickly!!!! They will not last!

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This oil is used to create an aura of erotic love between two people.  This formula was created by myself and my husband to set the mood for a perfect night. It is great for the bath or in a diffuser to put you in the mood. Want more attention from your lover? Then use this oil on a red candle for sexual attraction, yellow for more flirtation, pink for loving attention, or purple for more seduction and domination.

We use this in the bath by adding 6 drops (or a capful) to your bathwater, and add two tablespoons of dark honey, two tablespoons of cane syrup, a bundle of vetiver root (found in our herb section), and one or two tablespoons of avocado oil. Rub the vetiver bundle all over each others skin while bathing. This bath should be taken in candlelight and you should speak only messages of love and what you would like to do to your desired one.

1/2 oz. bottle

Artwork by Femme 103,m by Aja on DeviantArt

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