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Lilura Oil

  "Lilura" is Basque meaning "enchantment."

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  "Lilura" is Basque meaning "enchantment."

   You are being drawn into the woods at dusk, when the light is just beginning to falter, and discovering that you are suddenly surrounded by the approaching night.
The moon can be spied between the branches, but the forest is dark, quiet, and very deep. The haunting, faint odor of sylvan ...violet is nestled in an earthy, smoky bower, peaceful and contemplative.....this is "Lilura."

 *"Lilura" opens with a shaft of light, which is heralded by the joyful notes of pink pepper, cinnamon, and galbanum. This translates into an intensely green, dry spiciness, which then yields to a richer, denser resinous smoke flavored with orris, the scent of damp earth and black hemlock.
 *Cedar and sandalwood- very soft and creamy- ally themselves, joined by a languid moss, wood balsam, musk and civet.
   The addition of these woody and animalic accords endows this fragrance with a harmonious complexity that is very satisfying and possessed of great warmth.

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