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Moksha Oil

In Indian religions and Indian philosophy, Moksha means emancipation, liberation or release.

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Moksha is, in many schools of Hinduis a state of perfection. The concept was seen as a natural goal beyond dharma. Moksha, in the Epics and ancient literature of Hinduism, is seen as achievable by the same techniques necessary to practice dharma. Self-discipline is the path to dharma, moksha is self-discipline that is so perfect that it becomes unconscious, second nature. Dharma is thus a means to moksha. A VERY Spiritual oil to assist in Enlightenment.

Wood, wood, and more wood. I can’t see the forest for the trees. At first the non-sandalwoods – the cedar and agarwood – come into play, not strongly, but with a quiet resolve that controls the opening. Eventually the sandalwood claims it own territory, and joins in the wood orgy with the rest of the varieties – pine and cypress. The sandalwood sort of forms the basis of the entire scent, it permeates its creamy essence into the far corners of the fragrance. The only notes available to ameliorate the woodiness of the accord are the musk and mandarin, both of which struggle to retain a tenacious hold on the background. The cumulative result of all this wood is a wonderfully contemplative fragrance.

In addition to its ability to inspire, it is one of the most enjoyable wood fragrances I’ve crafted in a long time. It certainly has a place in your collection.

1/2 oz. bottle

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