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Pandora's Box Oil

3:30 a.m. This masterpiece came to me. I walked outside, jotted down the notes. And then said "screw it" made some coffee and went to work.

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Yet, it is not possible to resist. It is irresistible and once you are engrossed by its warm scent, you simply have to let go and follow it, you have to pick the forbidden fruit. This potion is sweet, powdery, ripe and alluring at the same time. I get the tuberose and plum strongly, gently sprinkled over with cinnamon and enveloped by a veil of incense.

The perfume is built around the beautiful and sensual scent of Tiare flower, the Tahitian symbol of welcoming and generous offer. The top notes are composed of violet, plum black currant, marigold and anis; the heart of sweet Tiare flower is accentuated with the notes of tuberose, ylang-ylang and orange blossom; all that is followed by powdery trace of orris and Tonka bean, and sensual mix of vanilla and balsam.

My darling, come sit with me on my black velvet sofa. We shall sip our steeping vanilla tea, and talk of ancient powers of the past - our blue-eyed, Siberian huskies by our feet, and sleek civet kitties, by the fireside.

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