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Fly Agaric Oil

Spellbinding and nocturnal.  Narcissus is a calming flower that helps bring about inner peace, hope and, of course, self-love.

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The common names for this plant are Death Cap, Redcap Mushroom and Raven’s Bread. It is one of the infamous hallucinatory shrooms that need to be carefully handled if discovered in the wild. It is believed that Fly Agaric is the world’s oldest hallucinogen, used in Lapland and Siberia by Shamans in healing rituals and vision quests. This mushroom grows in heavily wooded areas in Northern America and Europe. It is the image of the quintessential toadstool and is a motif used often on cards and postcards.

Fly Agaric is associated with Odin, a shamanic god and according to folklore can open doorways to the realm of Faery.

Its astrological association is Mercury and its elemental association is air.

This oil is safe to work with and has been crafted with safe intentions.  Please do not ingest!!

1/2 oz. bottle


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