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Hemlock Oil

  Hemlock oil is good for anointing talismans for destructive work.

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  Planet: Saturn 

  Element: Water 

  Associated Deities: Hecate

Powers of the witches rise 
Course unseen across the skies 
Come to us who call you here 
Come to us and settle here

  This is NOT an essential oil, but a formula that uses magickal planetary, hourly and same speices information to come up with an incredible smelling potion that will do what your intent desires it to do.

  Magickal Uses: Folk names include warlock’s weed, winter fern, water hemlock, poison hemlock, spotted hemlock, spotted cowbane, and water parsley.
Hemlock is a powerful herb of consecration, immortality, and a funeral herb. Lore holds that Solomon used Hemlock when consecrating his ritual knife. It is considered sacred to Hecate. Hemlock should be used carefully. It offers a very powerful type of Magick, one which is capable of moving the energy out beyond the abyss. In days of old, Hemlock was used in “flying ointments” for those venturing into the astral plane.

  Hemlock is an invaluable herb to use for protection and grounding. Lore holds that Solomon used Hemlock when consecrating his ritual knife or sword. Rub the juice (be sure to protect your hands) on to empower and purify them before use. Hemlock should be used carefully. The juice of Hemlock has in the past been used to carry out death sentences. Poisoning from Hemlock causes extreme dizziness. Used to arouse jealousy. Astral projection. Banishing.

  Talismans should always be infused with power. In addition, one should always know what the symbols mean on any talisman before using it. Hemlock works well with earthy saturnine energies and should only be used with a compatible talisman. If you craft an incense with the oil the incense can enrage the mind for black magickal workings. Olive leaves can be added to the Hemlock for a more peaceful means of disposing of enemies and hated ones.

  Though hemlock is frequently associated with magickal workings, most of this comes from myths and wives’ tales about the herb. Because of its poisonous properties, it was considered an evil plant and associated with witches and the Devil. Today, hemlock is used in spellwork involving chastity or the reduction of sexual desires, as well as general purification. Because of its toxicity, hemlock is not often carried in your every day herbal shop. If you do not want to use hemlock because you cannot find any or simply because it’s a bit hazardous to work with, you can substitute with tobacco.

  One of the better known references to hemlock in history is that it was used to execute the philosopher Socrates in 399 BCE. It was sometimes planted at the front and back of a house, to keep any poison from entering. There have also been claims that flying ointments contained small amounts of hemlock because of the psychotropic properties. As stated earlier, hemlock is quite poisonous and even though Medeival physicians used it for many medical purposes, it should not be experimented with in such a manner. 

  One of the foremost hexing agents. Added to any oil or incense to change its meaning (for example to Luck oil to deny good luck)

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