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Mandrake Oil

  Spellbinding and nocturnal. Narcissus is a calming flower that helps bring about inner peace, hope and, of course, self-love.

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  Mandrake is an herb heavy with lore that has earned its place in the witches garden or herb chest. It is used in an impressive variety of spells, from love spells to the treatment and prevention of of demonic possession. It also has an impressive number of toxic alkaloids that results in a number of toxic symptoms if ingested including hallucinations, hyperactivity, dilated pupils, blurred vision, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, flushed appearance, dizziness, nausea and rapid heart rate.

  A dual purpose oil, Mandrake Oil can be used both to empower your protection and love spells and to help turn away curses and negative energy as well as to empower curses and hexes. Mandrake Oil is a fine celebratory compliment to your Spellwork, Esbat, or monthly lunar ritual.  This oil is for external use only.


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