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Carnations Of Love Oil

Carnation meaning is fascination or divine love. A red carnation is a flower meant to state the love of the man for his woman. The carnation in general means the love of a woman, fantasy, and fascination. For ways to use magickally - see below

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Used to remove hexes and negative energy, the carnation is especially good for clearing out love problems. Brush flowers down your body to cleanse. After reaching the feet, break the stems to trap and hold the negative energy.

Once worn by witches to prevent untimely death on the scaffold, it is used in power incenses and placed on the altar to produce added energy. Dry nine red carnations in the Sun, crumble them and separate from the stems. Pour one dram carnation oil over them, mix well and smoulder on charcoal for a tremendously powerful incense. Produces tons of energy!

Add white and red carnations or essential oil to bathwater to stabilize your love life. This flower also helps relieve the depression of winter. Keep red carnations on the altar to increase your energy level and create more optimism in life.

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